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P F Plumbing, Heating and Gas Services have a wide variety of services that we offer you:

Gas Central Heating Installation and Repair
Every home needs to keep warm these days! We can install a brand new Gas Central Heating System in your home or repair existing gas central heating systems. We use the best quality products that are possible to us and our qualified engineers will install/repair systems for you in a professional manner. Please contact us for more details.

Boiler Replacement
Your boiler in your house is very important. Having a good, efficient boiler will save you around 40% on your monthly electricity bill. We have a wide range of boilers that we can offer, and we will also install it for you ourselves. Our boilers are of high class and are mostly grade ‘A’. (Grade ‘A’ Boilers are the most efficient class of boilers).

Power Flushing
Is your central heating system becoming inefficient? P F Plumbing, Heating and Gas Services offer a service of power flushing. Power flushing is when chemicals are passed through your central heating system, in order to “clean” it out and remove the debris/sludge that has built up inside it over the years. However, this procedure is only effective if it is carried out correctly by a professional hand; if it is not completed correctly the result will be that your central heating system will be damaged instead of having the positive result for which was intended. But, you don’t need to worry about that! Our Company has experienced qualified professionals who know exactly what they’re doing, so give us a call!

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